2004 Home Page

Sport, sport and more sport this moth.

Michael's beloved Crows are taking on the Brisbane Lions so it's off to teh Gabba to enjoy a game of AFL. It seems that every time we go to watch the Crows they lose - as was the case this time.

Gai and I were invited as guests of Triple M to go to Sydney to watch the Wallabies play New Zealand. This was being played at Olympic Park. We were all presented with a Wallabies Jersey that we all wore on the night. It was part of the Tri-Nations Tournament. Foe the record Australia won 23-18. A fantastic time was had by all.

It was great to spend some time at home. It gave us a chance to do some gardening, especially the front garden as this was definitely the worst one in the street. We also had extreme fire danger weather and a grass fire that was started in Carrara by the M1 burnt all the way through to Gooding Drive and beyond.

The Gabba