2005 Home Page

Views of Brisbane with Robert and Deb, after they have just finished a cruise to Cairns and back. Down for a walk around Southbank. Gai and I get out on the water.

Michael got his first fish tank.
Don't know how long this one will live for ?.

Looking west from the hotel balcony.
The Chariot office is to the left of the intersection.

Looking across the Brisbane River to the city.
The Casino is just off centre to the left.

Don't know what Deb was
doing or saying here.

The City Cats. An inexpensive way
to view the city from the river or commute.

Time for a chat in the middle of the Good Will Bridge.
This goes across the river from Southbank to the City.

We made it half way and
Robert started walking back..Pika !!.

View of Southbank
with their hotel in the background.

Deb decides to wet her feet.
How brave can you be ?.

Her confidence
is growing.

Clowning around
the water feature.

The question is
will she jump ?.

Cooling off.
Again !!.

The water feature
as it should be.

Fishing on the Nerang river..
The Aquaduck cruises by.

L'Esprit on the Water.
This is where Michael started his chef apprenticeship.

Got you.

The Sundale Bridge
from the water.

The Aquaduck leaving the
water part of the tour.

A rare picture of Clive.

The boating wind swept look.
Or is Gai having a bad hair day ?

climbing to the heavens.

The KFC farewell
lunch for Andrew.
Stitched photo of part of the skyline. The glass building centre right is called '50 Cav'.

Looking over Southbank and the Brisbane River. The Riverside Expressway and Brisbane City. Another stitched photo.