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After little progress on the front garden I decided that I really needed to finish it off. The gap out the back where I used dirt to fill and level the front needed tidying up, so more bricks were bought, pavers sourced and then it was off to get it all completed. Don't know what the rush was as it had been like this for several months. The intersting thing was that I ended up having to take out most of the Banksia's as once they grew there was not enough room.

Gai is ready to
go shopping.

View from 'The Panorama'
of the coast.

It'll look something
like this.

Gypsy was her
normal helpful self.

the base.

Now I can start
to lay the pavers.

Mum's Africian Violets
in bloom.


Gai sorts out
her new cabinet.

cheese !.

More brickwork
still to be done.

The plants
are purchased.

How it should
all look.


All planted.
Now for the mulch.


The last side
is completed.

Now we finally
have a front garden.

Bear resting.
Again !!!.

Gypsy inspects
the paving.

Still a bit
to do.

Cutting them
takes the time.


Completed in
the dark.

The garden got
retained properly.

Our baby

Time for
a shower.
Stitched view from the Panorama looking atthe Gold Coast. The tall building in the centre is Q1.

Stitched view from the car park looking across the waters of the Hinze Dam.