2005 Home Page

A day trip out to Ipswich to the Queensland Railway Workshops and the museum. Like any big kid, Clive had to play on trains, as this was something probably inherited from his father and the Indian side of the family. A fantasic place for any age if you want to learn about the history of the railway through Queensland.
I also managed to replace the broken pane of glass,(well actually my carpenter neighbour did), and the front entrance got a new cedar blind.

Well we finally found our
way here. We can smell the steam.

The entrance on the right
in front of '398'.

There is also some
old army equipment.


An old
army truck.

The Workshop

Walking to the Powerhouse.
The workshops are in the background.

The Powerhouse. First electricity
generator in Queensland

A smiling

You get to ride on this to access
the workshops further down.

Gai getting
the camera ready.

The Yank.

These engines have
been lovingly restored.

A carriage of
not so long ago.

An old

Inside the museum.
Signs from the past.

A model railway
depicts different areas.

From the other end
showing viaducts and tunnels.

Clive reading about
the inside of a diesel.

Relaxing in the drivers seat of
the cabin of the Tilt Train.

Even a realistic
control panel.

I'm not playing. You have to move
the lever to start the presentation.

Looking back to where
the passengers would sit.

This was a rough
old cart to sit on.

A Classic old
wooden carriage.

This one was used by
dignitries and royalty.

An old people mover

Another restored loco
at the enterance.

'Pompey" sits in front of the Workshops.

If Gai's down there
then I must be in the cabin again.

Clive at the controls
of Pompey.

Caught coming down the stairs.

World War 1 Memorial to workers who
died. Staff canteen in background.

Our new cedar blind
for the front hallway.

And the broken glass
got replaced too.

Stitched view of the workshops from the Powerhouse.