2005 March

Just after the wedding I had to go to Adelaide for a meeting an dalso stay over for the week end as the Adelaide Clipsal 500 was on and Chariot had a stand there again. Well the last time I went to a car race in Adelaide was when it was the Grand Prix, but it was great to watch the V8's going around.

Also visited Mary & Jude and checked out their new verandah and paving.

A gabled roof.
Very smart.

Plus a flat
roof extension.

Their new
water feature.

Paving is
partially finished.

Just plain bread
for Thereasa to eat.

The stand was located
just after a bend.

Graham Hall
enjoys a beer.

Ford leads
the pack.

The Harley's prepare to
introduce the drivers.

All lined up
waiting to go.


Can you spot
Murray Walker


The fly over
by the RAFF.

& Burn.

The Harletys all
lined up after.

Car modification

No one
was hurt.

At least they didn't
have to tow this one.

This Ford
crashed too.

The driver is
safely out.

Tow it away to
the scrap heap.

The dirver's off
to the pitts.