2005 Home Page

Well, after having the worst garden in the street we decided that it was time to do something about it. As our front garden slopes I decided that we would build it up so off to the brick yards for some retaing wall bricks. The important part is to get the base level as from there the rest of it jusr stacks up.
The Gold Coast staff decided that we would go to Kingston Park Raceway for some Go Kart Racing. These things can get up to around 80 km/h and when you bum is only inches off the ground that is fast.

The blocks are placed to give me an idea of the
rough sort of shape that I want to achieve.

The first layer
starts to go down.

Front edge completed.
Now for the corner.

MMM..seem to have run out of blocks.
Back to the yard next week end.

A week later one side is complete
and it's at the right sort of height.

Fill was required for the front bed so the
dirt from the back was used. Idea to put pavers down.

The water lily looking a bit sick,
so plastic ones were bought.

A new vase and flowers for the front
enterance to keep the cat happy.

The front doorway
looking more inviting.

The urn and flowers.
I'll fix the glass later.

Gai thinking -
now how do I work this camera.

At the track waiting,
and waiting..Nerves being tested.

Alister in the
'photo' car..

Other turning into the home straight.
These things move.

This one
conked out.

The team half way through the session.
We raced on under lights..

In preparation for the final race.
Positions were won and lost here.

On the
starting grid.

Winners are Grinners.

We all got to have
a go on the podium.

Guess who got the
Magoo award.

The guys at work the next day showing their spoils.
A few sore bones were around too.