October Home Page

Gai was away in Mackay and I had to go to Cairns, so it was decided that for Alister's birthday we would all go out to tea when Gai returned. Alister decided on Japanese, so we all had Tepanyki. This is basically food cooked on a stainless steel hot plate in front of you by chefs who do amazing tricks with knives and food while they cook.

We chose the Shogun Resturant as this one has been around for years and is certainly one of the better ones on the Coast. You walk through a Japanese style garden to gain access to the restaurant and afterwards if you like they have a karaoke room where you can go and have a drink and a sing.

A great evening and as always fantastic food.

Gai enjoys
a cigarette.

Marion says "It's in
my handbag somewhere".

Such a
handsome lot.

Julianne tackles
the chop sticks.

Dad stop
taking photos.

Gai has the
trainer chop sticks.

Ready, steady,
eat your salad.

The chef explains
what he's cooking.

Alister and

Twirling the

Cooked prawns.
They were delicious.

Even Gai manages to
use teh chop sticks.

Kylie was enjoying
her food.

So was Marion
and Allan.

The chef prepares
the fried rice.

Getting ready to
whisk the eggs.

The eggs spread
thin and even.

The twirling

A different way
to chop it all up.


Clive gets ready to
catch his rice bowl.

They finish by sign
writing a message.

And a special one
for Alister.

Now into
the deserts.

Gai had
ice cream.

We all enjoyed
the meal.

A nice
clean hot plate.

The garden

Alister's special
birthday cake.

Happy Birthday