2005 Home Page

A quick trip to Adelaide for some training on VoIP and the we had to get a new trailer as the other one was literally rusing away.

Clive & Iain at
Adelaide Airport.

The new
Chariot signage.

Yep..That's where the
car park is.

The reception

Q1 to the right and
Corporate Centre 1.

We thought of going
around MacKintosh Island.

But...there's a house boat
stuck under the bridge.

Our new house being
built...NOT !.

Fisherman's Wharf where
Michael was working.

Time for a romantic
Gondola cruise.

The last crane is
still on Q1.

Our new shiny
boat trailer.

Time to swap the
trailers over.

She's just rusting away.
But I sold her.

Washing the motor
and the new trailer.

self portrait.