2006 Home Page

In August we both flew to Adelaide as part of the preparaion to moving there. On one trip we drove back, sleeping in the car that night. Towards the end of the month it was off to Mackay.

In the small town we stopped for a break and discovered these life
like emus made from brush wood.

An old steam engine but I don't
think it's used for hot dogs.

A hot air balloon heading our way
on the Gold Coast.

Morten Bay, looking across
to North Stradbroke Island.

Gai was growing these too, but
hers only had one flower and one leaf.


Skipper posing
for a photo.

& Jack.

A section of
mum's garden.

MAckay - A rotunda at
the start of the Boardwalk.

The Pioneer River
with the tide going out.

Section of the Boardwalk.
This was built by the rotary group.

This new section goes up to
the bridge in the next photo.

Sleepers can be seen which
was the old retaining wall.

Stitched view taken from the middle of the Pioneer River. The motel I stay at is about centre screen. I'm glad the tide was out...

Stitched view taken looking to the river at low tide.