2006 Home Page

After several years of water restrictions our local water supply, Hinze Dam, was finally at 100% and overflowing. You can walk under the spillway and the noise is quite incredible. There are also three viewing holes too.
We went out to the Tudor Rose for our anniversary dinner and as you can see the wedding dress still fits.
The following day was Gai's birthday.

Looking out across the
dam from the car park.

Top of
the spillway.

Other side of
the spillway.

Steps down to the tunnel
under the spillway.

From the other side,
looking back.

Water flows off down stream
into the smaller streams.

Gai about to go
under the spillway.

View of the water
flowing from above.

The dress
still fits.

Pre dinner
photo shot.

Alister taking a
picture of himself.

Happy Birthday.
I wonder what it is ?

A carton of
soft drinks ?

I think not.
Voucher for books.

Gypsy likes to drink
from the fountain.
View of the back of the dam. There are beautiful picnic areas down here.

View from the top of the kiosk area looking back over the water.

View of Pottsville from a water tower. You can see how much mining they have been doing as the hill is disappearing.

View of Tweed Heads from a lookout going out to sea.