2006 Home Page

No real photos this month as we were packing up, travelling and getting ready to move to Adelaide. We have found a house, about 15 minutes from work and plenty big enough for the two of us. The Riverfire Festival is done along the Brisbane River and around the city and these photos look towards the Story Bridge.

at night.

The famous
'Dump & Burn'.

The Story Bridge
gets set aglow.

Story Bridge

Fireworks on different buildings
light up Brisbane City.

The closing
'Dump & Burn'.

Gai testing out the sleeping
position in the 'Bubble'.

A final dinner at
the Tudor Rose

The owners
Peter & Kaneko

Packed up and
ready to go.

Michael moving in
to our bedroom.

Gypsy wondering what
is going on.

Helping put the
bed back together.

The boxes arrive
in Adelaide.

Trying to get some
logical order.

It's starting to
feel like home.

At least the bedroom
looks tidy.