2007 Home Page

Well we decided that we needed a week end away - no, not that sort of week end. A tourist one, so it was off to Naracoorte that we headed. We were actually trying for Mount Gambier, but leaving later then we wanted to meant we could only go so far. After checking in and settling in, all these cars and vans started arriving. As the photo shows, we were right in the middle of a dog show. Next day was a visit to the caves and then a trip back along the coast home again.

Frank Jackman Memorial

Looking north at
the rolling plains.

A sneaky photo
of Clive.


We're here. Now where
do we need to go.

Naracoorte Cave.
that way !.

A lot has changed since
I was last here 20 years ago.

Can you pick
the cute one ?.

Wrong. This is

You are here.
Where to next.

One of these
is stuffed..

You think you
have back problems.

Cathedral Cave.
No public access.

Reading lessons
before the tour.

We only saw a
part of this cave.

A ceiling full
of shoals.

Stalegtights just
hanging around.

My photos do
not do justice.

A dig in progress.
There are bones everywhere.

So that's what
you look like.

The shed where all
the equipment went down.

sealed up.

Back out in the
fresh air again.

Stopping for lunch this
magpie kept us entertained.

When will lunch
be served.

There is only one beer.
Join the Coopers Club.

Gai resting in
the motel room.

Dogs and trailers
are everywhere.

Cape Jaffa
Historic Lighthouse.

The light house in
all it's glory.

Looking out to sea.
To be out on that water.

Waterfront views for
all these houses.

The view. Someone
has to live here.

Climbing the stairs
to enjoy the view.

Nice view, but you have
to pay to go in.

Clive decided on some scenic
drive. You can see ruts in the road.

The jouney begins.
Off to look for gold.

Map of the walk. We didn't
have enough time.

It was hot,
dry and windy.

Very interesting

The ocean is on the other
side of these sandhills.


Robe Harbour. Want to
buy a boat ?.

Lovely old building
overlooking the harbour.

The other side. The
water was like glass.

Gai resting while
I shoot the harbour.

Kingston S.E.
The Big Lobster.

Tailem Town. Plenty of
heritage here.

Time to spare.
Well in you go.

At night in summer,
it still gets cold.