2007 Home Page

Well we are finally back in Adelaide again. We have both had a fantastic time away and have been looking forward to some sun and warmth again. It was a great experience for both of us and our thanks really must lie with the 'Pommies' for putting up with us over the Christmas and new year period. It was sad to be leaving but we are alreadly thinking about our next trip.

With the change left over from the trip I nagged Gai about getting a bigger TV - as after all I need to wear glasses, so we started with the plasma, then the home theatre system. Then we needed a TV stand as after all it couldn't sit on the coffee table all the time and finally a VCR/ DVD recorder combo unit. It was now complete !.

Summer is here and the
lawn not so green.

The pigeons still come in
for a feed...no ducks.

Testing the radio on
the surronud sound system.

Finally all set up.
so much for just buying a TV.

Gai testing out the
new TV recliners.

The old system finds
a new home.

Time to relax
after all this work.