2007 Home Page

A sunny day and so we decided that it was time to visit the Adelaide Zoo. Having not been to the zoo for over 20 years it would be intersting to see how many things had changed, as the closest zoo we have been to was the Birdlife Park we went to in Singapore.

A Mara

The entrance with the exit
turn stile on the left.

Our Aussie icons, the koala
having a walk.

Shall I eat
or sleep ?.

Meerkats. I could watch
them for hours.

Posing for a
photo session.

The Meerkat Manor.
If I was just a bit taller....

Laughing Kookaburra. We
hear thes e in the wild at home.

Caged up. I don't think
it was laughing somehow.


He preferred the twig
to all the carrots.

Brown Bear.

This was a big bear.
Glad he was on the other side.

This Leopard is waiting
for it's lunch.

Feeding time for the lions.
There is a pecking order.

Happily feeding away
on some meat and bones.

Tree Kangaroo.

Walking from point A
to point B.

Yellow Footed
Rock Wallaby.

The mother and joey
with it's head poking out.

A crocodile with
coins on it's back.

Bongo -
African Antelope.

A big

Gai under a
grape vine trellis.

Mother and
baby hippo.

Mara - a relation
to the guinea pig.td>


The horns on this male
creature are stunning.

The female
- plain.

There is a huge
walk in aviary.

This bird was
only visiting.

Parrots were
making a racket.

The bird
ground dwellers.

The umbrella
was not needed.

These birds preferred
the steel frames to the trees.

This Otter was having
a good look around.

The Dwarf

These are
beautiful creatures.

The White Cheeked

He was happy just
sitting on this limb.


Just lying around
taking it easy.

Clive looking over at
the crocidile.

This zebra had
no friends.

This wombat was
camera shy.