March Home Page

The family came round for a BBQ and to kick off the celebrations for Michael's 21st. His real party was happening a month later on the Gold Coast, but as most of the family would not be there it was opportune for us all to get together now.

Jude arrived and Clive
was first to get on it.

Nan poses for
a photo.

Beth - are you taking
a photo of me.

Beth's daughter -

Mick, Tiz
and Denzil

Mary & Jude
resting again.

Amber & Alister
ham it up.

Alister &

Aunty Anne &
Uncle Clive

Michael - the soon to
be birthday boy.

John & Clive
prepare the cake.

Beth handing out
the party poppers.

Michael gets a
special sparkler.

Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.

Clive & Daniel watch as
Michael tries to blow it out !!

The photo says
it all.

Jude & the Harley ride
off into the sunset.