2007 Home Page

A day trip down to the Murray River, and onto Mannum.I love anything to do with steam, so we decided that we would go on a paddle steamer. This vessel is one of the last wood fired that is still in use. The trip was fantastic and when walking past the old engine you can fel the heat from it. This helps you appreciate how hard some of our ancestors worked.

Houseboats were on display
for sale or bookings.

A pelican coming in to
land on the pole.

Safely there...I knew
it would do it....

Resting on the park bench.
Someone must own him ?.

PS Marion coming
in to berth.

All tied up. Time to
change the passengers.

On board looking
down the Murray River.


Houseboats all
lined up.

The River was beautiful, but
definately a lack of water.


Clive having
a good time.

This houseboat was having
trouble staying afloat.

Peasceful, calm and beautiful.
The only noise was the paddles turning.

Cabins on board
for overnight trips.

Resting time. Plenty
of room aboard.

The Chariot bubble.
Now our car.

Gum trees along the
river banks.

Who is the oldest ?.
The trees or Gai ?.

Gai in front
of the river.


Pelicans are

Memorial to
the old boats.

The tinnie is used
to help dock.

I wasn't resting but taking
pictures of the birds.

Do you know where we are ?.

Don't jump Gai.
We can walk off.

self portrait.

Remember this camping spot
for when we travel.

Ferries are still in
use - and they are free.

The engine.

PS Mary

Docking procedure. Helping to
push the back end in.

Scenic drive back
via Gumeracha.

The Big
Rocking Horse.