September Home Page

Bear decided that he wanted to travel with us in the car, rather then be packed up, so we allowed him to as long as he didn't mis-behave. He was a good bear and he enjoyed the trip. The motles we stayed at were good, with an interesting night being spent in the guest house. A room with a bed is all that you need at times when travelling, but it was quiet, clean and different.

Bear in Hindmarsh
thought he was driving..

Bear sunbaking
during a stop.

Bear didn't wear
a seatbelt.

Bikes lined up
outside the pub.

Bear telling us
which road to take.

Our room
for the night.

Gai attempts
the cross word.

Freight train going
the other way.

Car & Boat packed
away for the night.

Time to rest and
a glass of wine.

Bear and Gai
having lunch.

Bear sunning himself
on Veronica.

The guest house.
Clive sets the clock.

The dining
room table.

Beds for
the kids.

From our room looking
to the toilets block.


Don't know how
comfortable this chair is ?..

Some interesting
art works.

Stop at a
Lion's Park.

An Old
Steam Engine.

Where are
we ?.

View through
the car window.

Dry barren

Can you spot
the kangaroo ?.

Gai resting
in another motel ?.

Looking from the
front to the back.

The spa was
very relaxing.

TV and a
cold beer.

Clive gets a new BBQ
replacing the one we left.