2008 Home Page

Alister's home from the RAAF for a month and Mary and Jude decided to visit us for a week. We were going to climb Mt. Warning, but it had been very wet so this was postponed. The boys and their partners came round for a late Christmas lunch and then we celebreated again when my little sister arrived. We had a great evening dining out at the Calypso Restaurant which is close to where we live and then also another evening at the Outback Spectular. This was a great show that also included a three course meal and drinks.

Gai in the kitchen
preparing our lunch.

Clive setting the
camera up for delay.

Test picture
of Gai.

This one
worked too.

Cracking the
bon bons.

Now with the
silly hats on.

The Bears got
to wear them too.

The tree still
loaded with gifts.

Crystal & Alister
opening their presents.

Michael gets
a picture.

another one.

Silly hat time
Crystal & Alister.

Silly hat time
Stevie & Michael.


Silly hat time
Gai & Clive.

Clive hanging Michael's
pictures at his house.

Go the
Mighty Maroons.

Improvising for
a tape measure.

Michael makes
himself at home.

Mary & Jude
arrive at Brisbane.

One of the hottest days
and we decide to make pickle.

Clive and Mary
working away.

All done. Clive only
ended up with 4 jars.

No power, so take
away was the go.


Silly hat time
Jude & Mary.

Out to Calypso
for a meal.

Now Clive are
you listening to me ?.

Mary pigging out on pudding
with Drambuie Sauce.

Gai just had a
serve of ice cream.

Where did all
that food go ?.

Do you want to
lick the plate ?.

Jude was allowed
one mouthful only.

There was still
one bit left.


After tea - time to
put the feet up.

Gai at the
Outback Spectular.

Mary at the
Outback Spectular.

Us at the
Outback Spectular.

Jude and
the ladies.

Now who is
a funny man !.

funny men.

This lizard thought
it could come inside.

Precious and her
perch she chewed.