It's summer and been raining, so not a lot of gardening has been done. Time to buy a new lawn mower as the grass is really beginning to look untidy. Stan and Jenny are back from the west, so a day trip to them and with flooded roads made for some interesting driving. Lucky that we took the 4WD as many of the cars were turning arouns to find an alternative route to get through. Michael's in the wars again as he injured his foot and is on crutches for a while.

The water was 60cm over
the road and we got through.


Michael resting his foot..
and drinking my beer again!!

This grass really does need
cutting..Gai hasn't mown for a while.

Gypsy hides
under the table.

I even had to move the boat
but the whpper snipper broke..

Trailer's full as was the wheelie bin.
I knew there'd be a bit of grass.

The front looking
as it should be.