June Home Page

This was a small tour allowing us some shopping time in Sigatoka on the way back, as Gai's trusted camera has decided to play up and we are meant to be going for a sunset dinner cruise tonight..This was cancelled due to weather and moved to Sunday, but again cancelled. Something for next time. The Eco park is a lovely place with lots of birds and lizards. Very educational and some beautiful views if you take the scenic route back to the entrance. Only takes 90 minutes to see all around but well worth the small fee. Taxi fares are fixed so our driver took us shopping to buy some other goods too.

After raining all night we
wondered how the day would be.

Gai at the entrance
Kula Eco Park.

A male

Clive checks
out the birds.

The board walk through
the park was great.

A suspension bridge
for the more adventurous.

Clive and his
iguana pets.

These turtles will eventually
be returned to the wild.

Owls resting. They are in
large avaries.

This hawk
was beautiful.

Can't remember what
this bird was.

The weather station
says it all. Wet.


The colours of the
flowers were bright.

And this pink
one too.

Feeding time
for te parrot.

A sulphur
crested cockatoo.

A bird.

I'm watching you.
It's my breakfast.

More birds

Iguanas use their
tails for balance.

The male is the pretty one
with stripes on the body.

Food time. First
in best dressed.

Inside a building was
a coral reef aquarium.

The colourful fish
and coral are great.

More of
the tank.

Some birds
roam freely.

Even ducks
were allowed.

This creek floods
when it really rains.

The end of
the walk.

I took the steep
stair track back.

Different Fijian
items and their uses.

Looking down into the
valley and creek below.

The suspension
bridge awaits.

It was very peaceful
on this track.

Gai studying for
tomorrows tour.

Clive checks out the
weather and sunset.


Testing the
new camera.

More rain is
on the way.

Sunset Friday night
and crystal clear water.

Gai got dressed
up for dinner.

Relaxing with
a wine.