June Home Page

This was a tour that I chose as it went up the Navua River by canoe, visited some waterfalls and then had a short bamboo raft ride back over some rapids and finally back again by motorised canoe. This also included a lovo lunch and welcoming ceremony to a Fijian village. The lovo is a pit where food is cooked in the ground on a bed of hot rocks. This village was much more traditional then the earlier trip we did and on the way back we encountered some heavy rain. As were we wet from the waterfall earlier this didn't cause too much distress as the rain was still quite warm. A magnificant lunch, dancing, singing and of course the Kava ceremony made for a wonderful day, with the only disappointment being Gai's new camera decided that it was not going to work. Back to the shops Monday to try and get this fixed.

Gai dons
her life jacket.

Clive is
securely fastened.

Which one of these
canoes is ours ?.

Heading upstream
to the interior.

Our guide did
all the stearing.

The views
were great.

This bamboo raft
had seen its day.

The village we
are going to visit.


The welcome with
the conch shell.

A warrior waits
to 'greet' us.

Preparing for
the Kava Ceremony.

All very traditional. Water
is added from the bamboo pole.

Kava is offered
to our chief.

The ceiling is hand made
by the ladies of the village.

Tui Namoii
The Tribal Chief.

Ko Harry helped
establish this village.

Koromakawa Village with
the chiefs chair.

The Bures look
over the river.

Gai in front of
the main meeting Bure.

This is how tall the Kava
plant will grow in 5 years.

The women do the weaving. These
mats can last up to 20 years.

Children entertained us.
They are from one family.

This classroom has
been built from donations.

The Lovo Pit. Our
lunch is cooking.

Uncovering of
the lunch.

The bags are to
keep the dirt off.

Down to the palm
leaves now.

Fish in coconut
milk is in the foil.

The rocks are still hot. Layers of
plam stems stop the food burning.

Fijian music
over lunch.


The spear

These guys had a
lot of energy.

The ladies offer
their crafts for sale.

Back in the canoe
and travelling upriver.

Everything is so green.
A short rapids section.

Natural waterfalls
dot the landscape.

Water is everywhere
from all the recent rain.

Another dead raft. They
only last 3-4 months.

Gai got stuck in the mud
and had to be pulled out.

The 100m waterfall was our goal.
It was worth the climb.

We had to pull ourselves up
through this flowing water.

The spray rises up
through the valley.

This is one of the best
I have ever seen.

Our guide prepares
to jump in.

Clive in
happy hour.