June Home Page

A full day tour by sailing boat, and diesel, to an island for some snorkling, swimming, canoeing and fun. All meals included so we skipped breakfast. 8.30AM pick up by bus and then the hour trip to Port Denarau where the boat departs. Besides dodging the many pot holes this driver was a maniac...and I was sitting in the front seat next to him. An overcast day with a few spots of rain, but it wasn't cold. My photos do not do the views justice, as the many islands that are around there would be worth looking at. The island we went to is a breeding ground for turtles, so we were asked to take care and not walk in certain areas. Lazy Fijian walk around the island takes 15 minutes...

Waiting at the
front of the hotel.

Port Denarau. Clive
on a rock !.

Anchor's away.
Leaving port.

Boats of all shapes
and sizes here.

Our sailing boat
was under disel power.

Slight rain but we
were undercover.

Cloudy and overcast day,
but it wasn't cold.

Morning tea while
the sails are set.

The crew entertain
us with songs.

Your own private
island with Bures.

This was to be
our island hideaway.

Walking around the island.
The views are amazing.

Off goes
Clive again.

The dive centre for
snorkles and scuba gear.

Our boat at anchor
while we have lunch.

it's after midday so a
trip to the bar is in order.

No he's not asleep,
just resting.


I told you he
wasn't sleeping.

The crew relax
with some volley ball.

Us under an
old tree.

More islands
in the distance.

The water was
crystal clear.

One of two landing craft
that transferred us to land.

Gai on
the island.

Even the miner birds
wanted a drink.

Volley ball
soccer style.

Looking to the
rear of the boat.

The glass bottom boat
returns for the stragglers.

Nearly the
last of them.

Threatening clouds
but no rain.

More boats,
more islands.

Leaving our

The crew making
more music.

Stitched view of the hills on the main island as we head back into the harbour. Had it been sunny it would be spectular.