June Home Page

We arrived into Fiji on Monday afternoon at 4.00PM after an 11.00AM flight, as you lose two hours flying East from Brisbane. Weather was mildly humid and we then had the hour long ride to our resort on the Coral Coast. Having never been there before it was amazing how green everything is and we saw some intersting sights on the trip while the driver skillfully dodged and weaved his way around the numerous pot holes that were everywhere in the road. Our trip included breakfast so we wandered down about 9.00AM to see so much food. Eating this you could definatley skip lunch !. The day was spent writing postcards, booking our tours and exploring the northen part of the island. Happy hour is 5.30 - 7.30PM followed by a kids disco, so we would wander down about 6.30 and then about 8 o'clock ish head off to dinner.

Our flight awaits us
at Brisbane International.

The exit from
Fiji International.

Our home for the
next week.

Gai on the
patio area.

A view of
the lagoon.

Gai with the surf
breaking on the reef.

The resort boat
viewing over the reef.

A container ship
passing the island.

Our room. Bottom
left. Ground floor.

Clive inspecting
the water.

Entrance to the Lagoon
dining area with outside seating.

Oustide seating. No
better way to enjoy a meal.

Self portrait, with the
Lagoon in the background.

Walking around the island.
A section of beach.

With over 450 rooms
it was really quiet.

Bar to the left.
Bar to the right.

Undercover walkways kept you
dry even when it rained.

Clive checks out the water.
It was quite warm actually.

Green grass. Palm trees

More room. More palms
Kids playing ball.

Pool overlooking the ocean.
The view in the water would be better.

Anyone for Golf ? A
nine hole course awaits.

the tourist.

Some of these plants
were amazing.

106 acres of this
plus a few rooms.

Us in the shade.
Was a warm 28.

Would you believe I climbed
a tree to get this ?.

The Wedding

The perfect place
to say " I do".

Gai and the recently
completed Chi Day Spa.

Spot the
real person.

Entrance to the on
site Fijian Village.

The Bures

Dinner and shows
are held here.

Sunset on our
second night.

Low tide with
the sun setting.

Happy hour as
Clive waits for a beer.

Stitched photo of the view from our room. A pleasant way to sleep every night.