June Home Page

This tour included a ride on the train, well you could have probably have walked quicker - but it was all part of the experience. The ride took 90 minutes and included a stop off at a school where the children sang songs for us and then continued to Sigatoka. Did some shopping and then a bus ride to a fort, with magnificant views up and down the valley of the river. This used to be a village and is a nice walk uphill from where the bus stops. Then off to a Fijian village for a Kava Ceromony and lunch with a Fijian family. A wonderful experience that lets you into their lives.

The Coaral Coast
Railway Company.

Our ride
awaits us.

Looking at the
train station.

We're off.
Full speed ahead.

Our diesel.
The Puffing Boto.

Gai is seated with
seatbelt fastened.

Only one carriage
was used on our trip.

The real
steam engine.

in progress ???.

Our guide,
Mr. coconut.

The train travels close
to the beach and sea.

Electricity is generated
from the wind.

Children running after
the train for lollies.

More coastal

Every village has
it's own cemetery.

More children wave and wait
for us to throw lollies.

Inside the school classroom.
This is pre-school.

Playground with senior
school in the background.

The children waving good bye
as we carry on our journey.

This village produces
pottery for export.

Our blue van stops
at the Fort.

The view was great.
Note wind turbines.

The shelters are
undergoing restoration.

Looking down on
a village below.

Inside told us all about
Fijian life and wars.

The houses have very
high pitched roofs.

The chief gets buried
at the top of the hill.


Looking up the
Sigatoga River.

Chief burial place. We didn't
have time to walk up there.

This tree is over
200 years old.

The shops
of Sigatoga.

Resting after all
this shopping.

Tiawan is working with Fiji to
show them how to grow other crops.

Inside a Fijian house.
The Kava Ceremony.

Gai drinking
the Kava.

Our Fijian lunch awaits us.
The food was beautiful.


A five story house
in the back ground.

Clive checks his
emails at night.


Sunset Wednesday
night. Too much cloud.

Stitched view of the valley and the river from the fort. You would certainly be able to see the attacking tribes from up here.