2008 Home Page

Our plans to go fishing never eventuated as wet weather and strong winds kept us at home. We had Veronica serviced just in case but it was not meant to be. Michael and Stevie came around for a free meal - so payment was putting up the Christmas tree, and then afterwards we had some fun at the pool table.

Small hail
out the back.

The rock wall
was wet too.

Gai's plants got
a new home.

Even the dwarfs
pitched in.

Precious vandalises
her mirror perch.

Gypsy was sleeping
under the covers.

Thunder and Lightning
so she eats in our room.

Clive painting
Alister's room.

The tree lights are
all untangled.

Michael starts putting
the tree together.

Michael has
an itch ??.

Gai lends
a helping hand.

Stevie helps

Michael starting
on the lights.

Michael has a
sore finger.

Tinsel doesn't do
a lot for him.

Michael &

Gai getting in
on the action.

Michael is trying
to grow a Mo.


Clive adds the
finishing touch.

Now where are
the presents.

we go.

And some
candy canes.

Maybe a belt
for Christmas.

Gai successfully
pots a ball.

A few

Stevie takes
a turn.

another go.

another go.

Michael demonstrates
how to hold the cue.