2008 Home Page

Gypsy gets some new bowls to eat her tea from and our hair dresser moves location so we have to travel to the new salon for our hair cuts now.

We also decided to spend the day at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctury, which also included a train ride - yes several in fact- as well as walking around the park.

The new bowl.
We hope she likes it.

Phew ! She is
eating from it.

Gypsy thinks she
owns this house.

Gai gets her hair washed
before the perm.

Julie explains how
the massage chair works.

The enterance to
the sanctuary.

Koalas just
sleeping again.

The positions they
sleep in are funny.

Watch out
for trains.

Turtles live
in the pond.

Clive and the
sea horse sculpture.

Clive and the
mermaid sculptore.

Up close with
a crocodile.

Turtles resting on
croc backs.

Crocs - Attack may cause
injury or dea!! - Really ?.

The train
is coming.

It's a big
red diesel.

getting off.

We got a seat
tright at the back.


Camel rides for
those who dare.

Feed and pat the
kangaroos if you want.


A keeper monitors
some mating.

Clive close with
a pet snake.

Inside fish
tanks and waterfalls.

I check out the
top level of the exhibit.

Gai resting under
the palms.

Gai spotted

Glad this snake
was behind glass.

Catch up

A Cassowary has
it's eye on us.

A flght

Got that

Coming into land.
Landing gear down.

Back on the
keepers arm.

Wombat sunning

This koala is
changing trees.

A mother and
her babies.

Let go of
the tree dear.

Photo time

The croc
can stay there.

This roo found
a shade patch.

Ducks and
their babies.


I'm just
hanging around.