Michael has another birthday so this time we thought we would get him something useful and also stop him borrowing my tools all the time. It might also help him keep his garden tidy and stop getting letters from the body corporate to keep the grass tidy.

Precious, our budgie, stopped chirping so I looked on UTube for some more budgies for her to talk to. Unfortunately she was sick and died a few days later.

Time finally for some fishing and we can see who caught the most fish !!. We have been on about getting a new front door for many years, so we did and got a chippie in to install it for us.

Part of the video collection.
A new cabinet was required.

It all folds
away nicely.

Precious and her
friends on UTube.

Multi story tool box.
Now to tidy up the tools.

Michael and his
wipper snipper.

How does this
all go together.

Maybe he should
read the instructions.

Clive fishing
on the Nerang River.

Building a new rig
after a big snag.

Photo proving that we
actuall got out.

Gai caught the
first bream.

Clive's effort.
He jagged it's fin.

Gai's second one was
bigger then Clive's first.

The new door
getting sealed.

All done now just
needs to be hung.

The old front
door open.

The new front
door open.

The old front
door closed.

The new front
door closed.

Gypsy saying 'hello'
to the bears.

Our new budgie
"Sonny" chirping away

The balloons were not
far from our house.

Here was the
other one.