For the Easter week end we decided that we would go to Gympie - about 3 hours north and have Easter away from home for a change. We left on Good Friday, as did every one else who wanted to go away so the traffic was a night mare.

On the Saturday we went touring around the area to Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach. Gai wouldn't let me four wheel driving on the beach so the best I could manage was a staying on sealed roads. On the way back we called into the railway station to make sure that this was where the Valley Rattler left from the next day, as this was the main reason for the trip - a full day steam train trip. On the way back to the Motel the railway crossing lights started flashing and I saw some smoke. A quick stop on the side of the road and we managed to get some photo's of the train. Little did we know that this was all we would see of her as she broke down on the Sunday and we were pulled by a diesel.

It was still a great day and the Mary Valley that we went through on our way to Imbil is really beautiful country. Unfortunately the stupid ALP government that we currently have in power wants to flood the valley and turn it into a dam so that water can be piped for south east Queensland. Not a very bright idea especially to those people living there.

We had to find the motel
as the street wasn't in Tom Tom.

How could we miss it.
The signs are quite big.

Looking back to motel
from the park.

The rooms were quite nice
and we had a garden view.

The outside area
for the smokers.


Lion's memorial to
the gold rush days.

The park across
the road from the motel.

Water fountains were lit
up at night.

Clive started feeding
the ducks and swan.

See he does
have some friends.

More arriving but food
is getting very low.

This one was
quite brave.

An Ibis gets in
on the act too.


The sign says
it all.

Lake facing

Someone else
has food now.

I got my
photo first.

Part of the
mine museum.

Heading out to
Tin Can Bay.

They have feeding times
here for the dolphins.

There were a lot
of boats out.

This was a really
beautiful place.


The Bay from
the highest hill.

Rain clouds threatened
but nothing eventuated.

The old
railway station.



Looking down the
main platform.

Stitched view of the
working model railway.

Model up of the
Ettamogah Pub.

The grand house on
the top of the hill.

All about
No. 967.

Here she

These people were
on a half day trip.

There she



The bay

Some people were kind enough
to take this one for us.

Waiting for the
replacement diesel.

Plenty of carriages,
but no engine.

Yeah - the
diesel arrives.

her up.

Getting ready
to board.

The Railway Hotel
and foot bridge.

Ned Kelly is in the
centre of the picture.

Inspecting the

Don't poke your tongue
out at the diesel Clive.

Kandanga - one of the
towns we stopped at.

This would be flooded
if the dam proceeds.

Looking down the tracks at..
you guessed it.

Photo of Imbil
opposite our seat.

The Rattler was
on the other side.

The Diesel changing
ends at Imbil.

Coupling her
back up.

Eight carriages and
they were all full.

Gai watches
the proceedings.

Imbil railway

The Imbil turntable.It would have
been good to see the steamer here.

I got the window
seat on the way back.

Passing over
Yabba Creek.

This really is
beautiful country side.

Our carriage was
second to last.

This carriage needs
some work done.

Ned Kelly

These old carriages
have been restored.

Going around
the big bend.


Persimmons are under
the white netting.

Dagun station. You stop here
for local wine and cheese tasting.

Post Office.


The Mary River
quietly flowing by.

The end of the day
and we're back in Gympie.