2009 Home Page

So after her stay in the resort, Gai is allowed home and so it's reading and resting only. The paving continues as I want to get this finished before we have any rain. Stevie has a birthday - another one and still more flowers.

Another beautiful
bunch of flowers.

Ran out of vases so
the beer jug got used.

And yet still
more flowers.

Gai making
lobster for tea.

The pavers lined up
ready to be laid.

The first row
has been laid.

Working on the
drain line.

That's the first
quarter finished.

That's enough for
the first day.

Happy Birthday

Wine - well we know
you like to have a drink.

Resort - just what you
wanted according to MPM.

Woops...ran out of bricks
Need to buy some more.

The plumbing
to the drain.

All done -
for now.