2009 Home Page

December 2009 was a busy month for us. Well certainly compared to some of the previous months that had gone by this year.

We caught up with Clive's Aunt Linda's grand daughter, Alex Smith, who was in Australia for 3 months. After working in Melbourne for a couple of months, her and 2 friends then did a holiday trip up the East Coast of Australia. Alex was staying one night in Southport at a back packers so we went there and had a drink and a chat with promises to get together again when we visit the UK next year.

On the 14th December Alister & Crystal had a baby daughter, Kiara Rose. This of course meant that Clive was now a Grand Dad.

On the 23rd December we flew out to Norfolk Island for a week's holiday and some R & R for Gai.

Grand Daughter Kiara Rose

Norfolk Island Holiday.