December Home Page

Well it's off to Ipswich to finaly meet the newest member of the family, Kiara Rose. Crystal is now out of hospital and home and being about 75 minutes drive it's easier to visit on the week end than of a night time during the week.

The vegetables have been a mixed success, with the chillies and tomatoes doing well. Gypsy decides that her bit of gardening consists of diggin up my carrots and lettuces, so seedlings are the way to go. The little chillies are very hot...whilst the tomatoes have a beautiful flavour to them, something that is sadly missing from the ones that you buy in the super market.

Gai got up one morning and found a little bundle of fur in our bed room. This kitten was only about a month old and we don't know how it got there but Gypsy was not worried about it. A call to the council and sadly they came and took it away.

Clive &
Alex Smith.

Clive was cold so
he put his beanie on.

Clive and the
little kitten.

It had big
beautiful eyes.

It's lock up was
in the bathroom.

My first
ripe tomato.

One of the
many chillies.

Alister &
Kiara Rose.

She wants to come
to her grand dad.

He's beautiful
she thinks.

She's beautiful
he thinks.


Don't you
go sleepies.

Clive with a
silly look.

She only has
eyes for me.

cuddle time.

cuddle time.

She has a
strong grip.

I want to
hold your hand.

Sleep time Miss, so
we can have lunch.

I don't want
to sleep.

Alister & Crystal's
Christmas present.


Smile or chirp
Sunny Boy.

The money box was
full. Just over $170.00