Norfolk Home Page

Our holiday this year was to Norfolk Island, somewhere that Gai has always wanted to visit - must be the ancestry side of her to see how and where some of the convicts lived. Her convicts were all shipped to Australia so no genealogy on this trip although she wants to look at a few graves.

Our flight was from Brisbane International Airport, so we left the house at 5.45AM to go to the car park to be ready for a 9.45AM departure. We printed off their instructions on how to get there but they were wrong - as the new roads had been opened up and their web site had not been updated. Luckily I managed to find the place and then we caught the shuttle to the Terminal.

After a pleasant flight in premium economy we touched down on Norfolk Island. We were met by our host and followed her back to our cottage that was to become our home for the next 7 days. Very peaceful and quiet here so a quick trip back to town to get some supplies and decide what we are going to do over the next few days. Clive found the Island Data Services so arranged for a weeks access to their wireless Internet - gotta keep in touch you know.

After a big lunch we decided on a light tea of a chicken sandwich for Gai and a chicken and cheese one for me.

Clive mis-behaving.
Put your tongue away.

Smile Clive -
now that's better.

One of

Gai out in the
smoking area.


Our plane
gets loaded.

People start to board.
We had seats 1D & 1F.


Flying over Fraser Island
with North Stradbroke in the top.

Us in the
very front seats.

Lunch was a full
three course meal.

Lots of water
below us.

The clouds
meet the sea.

Flying into
Norfolk Airport.

Gai was first
off the plane.

The aiport
from the road.

Cars have only 3 or 4
digit number plates.

No high risk
security here.

The cottage
- kitchen.

Our king
size bed.

The outside

lounge room.

The dining

spa bath.

The corner

Clive resting
on the verandah.

The other end
of the verandah.

The verandah view. Straight down
the valley to the sea.

Our closest

Further left
of the valley.

Furniture in
our bed rooom.

Shopping for some
refreshments - alcohol.

Bounty Square,
a cast replica.

Looking towards
the front.

Yep - Norfolk Pines
are everywhere.

This one has
lights on it.

Looking down
the main street.

This young one has
been tastefully decorated.

Queen Elizabeth Road pines
planted in 1974.

View heading back
to our cottage.

The red roofs
of Jacaranda Park.


The hedge
needs trimming.

Number 4
is us.

BBQ area
outside the door.

Lovely gardens are
all around us.

View back to
the car park.

Each cottage
is very private.

The fridge
is stocked.