Norfolk Home Page

Today we went on the Island Orientation tour. This was a half day tour that took us to some fantastic scenic points. With excellent commentary from our driver we were also able to learn much about the Island, the people, it's Government as well as see some of the ruins that were built by convict labour all those years ago.

You can't see everything in one day, but what this tour also did was to point out some of the other attractions that we can visit by ourselves. The tour left at 8.30 and had us back around midday, where we grabbed a bite to eat and then hit the shops for some gifts and food supplies. After that it was back to the cottage for some rest and pizza for tea.

Clive on the computer
answering some work emails.

The view just doesn't
get any better.

Gai catches up on
some reading.

Queen Elizabeth

The view to
Phillip Island.

The remanents of
the convict quarters.

The sea was a
beautiful blue.

Our tour bus
for the morning.

The Lagoon. We'll do
glass boat tour later.

The water is
just crystal clear.

Gardens where we
had morning tea.

St. Barnabas Church
built in 1875.

Stained glass windows
above the alter.

The glass windows
over the entrance.

The roof is made
from New Zealand timber.

The pipe

The intricate carvings
behind the alter.

The recently restored
new slate roof.

The setting for thr play of
Mutinity on the Bounty.

View from
Mt Pitt.

Looking down to
Puppys Point.

Gai waiting in
the bus for us.

A map of
the island.

The back verandah
of our cottage.

A dam in
the valley.

Gai on the
back verandah.


Clive walking
down the hill.

It's a pretty
steep climb.

Now for the
climb back up.

The view to
the left.

There was something
moving under the tree.

Tree ferns help make
a tropical garden.
This was part of the view from Mt Pitt.

The view from Queen Elizabeth Lookout. The front island is Nepean Island while the farthest one is Phillip Island.