Norfolk Home Page

Today we decided to do a drive on the leftish side of the Island, but first some lunch. So we headed into town and guess what?. No Boxing Day Sales going on here. Except for the cafes & supermarket all the other shops were closed. Well it is a public holiday after all. So Gai had a toasted ham & cheese sandwich while I had a BLT. The bread here is so nice. Absolutely delicious. So finally about 2.00PM we headed off.

We skirted the northern side of the Airport and headed to Puppys Point. From there it was onto Anson Bay and then to Duncombe Bay. Next to the Captain Cook Monument. Then a bit of back tracking back to the south west side of the Island down to Crystal Pool and finally past the Arches and back home. There are some places we went past that we will re-visit another day if we have the time. Still threes days left before we fly home. Chinese for tea tonight if the sign that says they are open really means that they are open. After all it is just a blackboard in the window !.

For tea tonight we had Chinese take away. The food was really lovely. Gai had BBQ Prawns and I had Singapore Noodles. Nothing left for a meal for the next day.

Puppys Point
looking north.

More pines in
the reserve.

Clive checks out
the cliff edge.

'Flat Rock' is
aptly named.

Closer view
of Flat Rock.

A White Tern comes
back from fishing.

Flat Rock &
Jacobs Rock.

Closer view of
Jacobs Rock.

Us with the Pacific
Ocean in the back.

Clive practising the
'Norfolk Wave'.

Gai rests while I
check out Anson Bay.

Anson Point &
Anson Bay.

Facing North,
Duncombe Bay.

Norfolk Island
National Park.

Towards the Captain
Cook monument.

Time for some
more history lessons.

Norfolk Island

Changes Since

Captain James Cook
1728 - 1779.

Captian Cook

The Northern Islets basically
remain unchanged since 1774.

Moo oo Stone &
Green Pool Stone.

Cathedral Rock &
Bird Rock.

Looking back to Duncombe Bay.
Foreground is Cook's Landing.

The blues of the
water are great.

Interesting to see some
leaves changing colour.

Us resting at
Crystal Pool.

Crystal Pool looking
to Rocky Point.

The Pacific


In the back
of The Arches.