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Today we decided to do some shopping. Well we could have if the shops were open, but being a Sunday the only thing open was the cafes. So we returned to the one we went to yesterday for some brunch. Gai had the usual toasted ham and cheese sandwich while I had a toasted ham, cheese and tomato sandwich. Very nice indeed.

Well as the shops were shut we thought that we would visit the museum. There are actually 3 museums on the island, each showing different things and telling about different parts of the history and colonisation of the island. It was now around 2.30PM and the museum closed at 3.00PM, so we decided to give it a miss as it would be a pretty rushed affair. So instead we did some more driving around the island. I think we have driven on about 75% of the sealed roads now.

Tea tonight was fish and chips. The fish was absolutely beautiful and way too many chips. The left over chips were fed to the birds and chickens.

This long boat has
seen better days.

Queen Elizabeth Lookout
over looks Kingston.

Partial map of

The other part
of Kingston.

Looking straight across to
Napean & Philip Islands.

The look out is only
half way up the hill.


The original houses
on Quality Row.

The 9 hole
golf course.

Replanting of young pines
to stop wind erosion.

Phillip Island used to
have rabbits & goats.

These animals nearly destroyed
all the vegetation here.

The road down
to Balls Bay.


Gai viewed the Bay
from the car.

The road
back up.

This young cow nearly
wouldn't let us pass.

White Tern
feeding her chick.

White Terns lay one egg
at a time with no nest.

Two other
Terns nesting.

You can see the
colour of the chick.

Point Blackburn

The trees were
full of Terns.

Another one
on a branch.

This property was
called 'Ternwood'.

This chicken had her
chicks all around her.
View from Queen Elizabeth Lookout. To the left is the Cemetery, with Nepean Island and Phillip Island in the centre. The historic buildings of Kingston are in the foreground and the far right is the Prisoners Barracks. Government House on the right is partially visible although it is surrounded by Norfolk Pines.