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Today was a reasonably quiet day with a trip down to Cascade Bay and a visit to the Botanical Gardens, but first back to Miligans for Gai's breakfast of a toasted ham & cheese sandwich, while I had a beer. Well it was nearly 2'O Clock!.

Well, the shops are still shut so tomorrow will be the big shopping day - we hope. We did the short drive to Cascade Bay and there was a bit of a swell with the surf coming up and over the rocks. Cascade Bay used to be an old whaling station in days gone by and now all that remains of it is the old boiler - sitting silently there rusting away.

From the Bay it was off to the Botanic Gardens. The rainforest here is very beautiful and they have done a special board walk for wheel chairs, as well as a normal one that goes down to the canopy floor. So I did this, while Gai rested at the top. Good job too as there were over 500 steps going down and another 300 odd coming back. Well worth it though and my photos do not do it justice.

For tea tonight we went to the RSL Club. We both had local beef steaks and the meat was very tender. You can certainly taste the difference to what we eat over here.

I was on the verandah and heard
scratching in the leaves.

Mrs Chicken &
her 5 chicks.

Cascade Bay

View through the
front wind screen.

Waves retreat ready
for another go.

Just missed the
big splash.

And that


Got that
one all right.

Cascade Bay
to the East.

Waves breaking
over the rocks.

The old
whale boiler.

Cascade Bay

Norfolk Island
Botanic Gardens.

The rain forest with
a pine tree back drop.

The wheel chair
friendly walk.

You can still see the
sea in the distance.

Steps I
had come down.

More steps to
go down.

View from the
canopy floor.

The edge of the Gardens
with Pines in the distance.

This ceeek bed
was all dry.

View looking
the other way.

Tangled Vines..
where's Tarzan ?.

I took the steps
back to Mission Road.

Whispering Pines
is across the road.

Looking down the main
street from the TAB.

Should Clive be
locked up ?.

Pity his head would
not fit through.

At least they are
open for tea tonight.

The chickens eating chips.
Chicken & chips for tea ?