Norfolk Home Page

There are over 170km of road on the island and we have been down almost ever sealed road just to see where some of them take you. Today we decided to go shopping, well Gai did, as she has finished reading all the books that she brought with her and we want to get a few souvenirs. So after going through many shops we end up with some gifts, but there is no decent book shop on the island, so Gai will have to start reading one of the ones that are in our cottage.

As the locals say, "Welkam tu d' Werl d' Norf'k" - (Welcome to The World of Norfolk),
"Yorle kaa biit et" - (You cannot beat it) !

Christmas lights in
the main street.

This cornner house was
well decorated.

Clive carries back
all the shopping.

Ahh..Look at
all those bags.

Gai going
into our cottage.

View to the
end of the road.

Looking back up
Cutters Corn Road.

Plenty of bird
life around.