2009 Home Page

Not a lot happened in July as Gai has still been unwell and is off to hospital. She spent 8 days in there having a holiday - well that's what I call it - and will spend the next few month recovering. Friends sent her some beautiful flowers. In between hospital visits some work gets done on the paving and painting.

First vase
of flowers.

Step 1 was digging
up all the grass.

Our new baby
budgie - Sunny Boy.

Stevie was cold so
she had my jacket.

The nose

The pensive
eskimo look.

Step two.
Setting the drain in.

Gypsy loves the new quilt.
It's like walking on a cloud.

I'm trying to sleep.
Stop taking photos of me.

The bedroom got painted while
Gai was in hospital.

This box of flowers
came from my work.

A dozen roses,
teddy bear & chcocolates.

The roses several
days later.

The blooms
were beautiful.

Another vase
full of flowers.

Yet more flowers
and none from me.

And some

Gai in

Her tea one night.
Note the wine !.


Sunset from the
front porch.