2009 Home Page

Now having the patio up I thought that it would be a good idea to clean the bricks and also the pavers. Well as the photos show it was really dirty. It's surprising how much just a blast of water can get clean. Now I'll have to buy my own one and do a yearly spring clean.
I've run out of brenjal pickle so I have to make some more. Five kilograms of brenjals later and a few spices, a bit of cooking and presto - all done. The only prpoblem was that the pan was not big enough. Might have to get a bigger pan for next time and for the curries.

You can see the difference
on the right side bricks.

This small section
was not too bad.

Pretty disgusting really. You
don't tend to notice.

The little
water blaster.

Gypsy inspects
the clean area.

Slicing the egg
plants before cooking.

Step one. Cook
all the egg plants.

Mixing it all together.
Note two pans.

Well it looks
about right.

Michael helping
on his computer.

It's bottling

Lots of
pickle now.

Woops...Gai's bench
got stained.

The secret

Judi's turn
for pool.

Sue having
a laugh.

It still
didn't go in.