2009 Home Page

March is of course our anniversary with Gai's birthday the following day, so we decided that we would do an all day cruise from the Gold Coast to Brisbane. The cruise took six and a half hours and was very relaxing. It included morning and afternoon tea and also a BBQ lunch and salads.

It left Marina Mirage at 9.00AM and docked into Hamilton in Brisbane at 3.30PM. Through out the cruise the Captain kept us informed about the islands that we passed and also any other useful information that came to his mind.

The Pacific Adventurer was docked at a wharf after losing 31 containers over board into Moreton Bay during a recent cyclone and getting holed above and below the water line. Diesel and oil were spilt into the Bay causing a multi-million dollar clean up, suspension of the trawlers fishing in case their nets became caught on a container and considerable damage to the tourism industry. Navy mine sweepers were called in to help locate the containers while the clean up continued.

When we reached Brisbane we boarded a coach that bought us back to the Gold Coast where we had left the car earlier that day. At one stage I thought that we would be the youngest people on the cruise, but thankfully that proved not to be the case. A great day was had by all and something that I would recommend to all people. It's the longest trip to Brisbane that I have ever done.

Happy Birthday
to Gai.

Her birthday cards
and flowers.

Happy anniversary
to us.

Clive chackes out
the MV Brisbane.

Marina Mirage
in the distance.

Across the Broadwater
to Australia Fair.


Cruising past
the marina.

Gai resting. we swapped
to plastic seats later.

The Silver Star is back.
Yours for $5,000,000.

Heading up the
main channel.

The white sands
of Stradbroke Island.

Slightly overcast
but we still got burnt.

We got quite close
to some of the islands.

Water was
really calm.

Ferry terminal on
one of the islands.

Boats mored on
the sheltered side.


A car ferry

Lowering the

North Stradbroke
island in the back.

Going out
into Morton Bay.

The town of Dunich
can just be seen.

A rusting wreck
makes for great fishing.

We passed a yatch
race in progess.

This was a
near miss.

The leading

The Port of Brisbane
in the distance.

Travelling up the
Brisbane River.

Looking at the
City of Brisbane.

This container ship
was being loaded.

A car carrier
being unloaded.

The Caltex
oil refinery.

Pacific Sun setting
off on a cruise.

She was a
big boat.

The Gateway Bridge
duplication progresses.

Looking back
down the river.

Going under
the Gateway.

A big span
to be done next.

This boat was
about to leave.

The Pacific Adventurer caused
the oil spill in the bay.

The hole patched
up in blue.

Floating booms control
more leakage.

The wharves are being
conberted to housing.

Our self

The Lady Brisbane
about to leave.

Up the river
she goes.

Map of the routes
the boat can take.
Stitched view looking towards the City of Brisbane.