2009 Home Page

The patch of dirt out the back had been there long enough and so I thought that I would put a few vegetables in just for fun. A trip to Bunnings to buy some Cucumber, Chilli and Tomato seedings and we were set. I already had seed for carrots, lettuces and silver beet. Well as the photos show, the seedlings did well - but the seeds were subject to Gypsy doing her own gardening, hence the cages I made.

Gypsy was also beaten up by another cat, so off to the vet to part with several hundred dollars, and she does look funny walking around with her shaved back.

Michael & Stevie came around for tea, so there is no such thing as a free lunch, so I made them put up the Christmas tree. It's got a new home this year.

My carrots start
to sprout.

The chillis
are growing.

The cuecumbers
were in flower.

Wire cages to try and
stop the other gardner.

Gai has another busy
day at the office.

Our new printer. The
other one died!.

Gai studying up
on here genealogy.

This wild lizard cools
off in the pond.

It enjoyed
its' bath.

Back up onto
the rocks.


The veggies are
going mad.

war wounds.

She was not a
happy cat.

Michael - now how
does this tree go.

Stevie lends a
helping hand.

Gai starts opening
up the branches.

Stevie says it's done.
No more decorations.

Putting the
angel on top.

this ?.

Clive demonstrates the
new voices on Tom Tom.

All done - but
where are the lights ?.

The lights go on tree
- not on Michael!.

the mess.

Now that's


He forgot the
angel again.

A job
well done.

Stevie wanted
a kiss.

Our photo
turn now.