2009 Home Page

With Crystal still waiting for the nod on her re-location we decided to get Alister something practical for his birthday. Once they had got their place in North Ipswich it was time to move him. This was originally going to be by trailers, but common sense prevailed and in the end we hired a small truck. Well what with everything he had to move I'm glad we did as the truck, (20 cubic metres), ended up packed to the back door. Also our printer died so we had to buy a new one - and very nice it is too.

My vegetables start producing and my seeds start to grow. I excitedly tell Gai that my letttuces have come up, so she goes outside expecting to see full grown lettuces..der.

The presents
are wrapped.

That's right. Open
the card first.

It's some

Yep - it's called
a hammer son.

Silly face

A tool set.
Just what I need.

400 pieces. Must
be like a jigsaw.

OK. Can I take it
out of the box now.

Can you spot
the lorrikeet ?.

There. Can you
see it now ?.

The truck is
finally loaded.

The rental included
ropes & blankets.

Their house in
North Ipswich.

The carrots are
taking shape.

The chillis
are growing too.

The cuecumbers
are in flower.

Cages to stop
Gypsy gardening.

Gai in her
resting position.

Our new
HP printer.

Another day.
More rest.