2010 Home Page

For once Michael's birthday doesn't last for 3 months. He decided on a BBQ at his place by the pool and tennis courts, so we had an enjoyable afternoon relaxing there doing nothing.

Alister and Crystal stayed the night so we made a make shift bed for Kiara on the cushion surrounded by boxes to keep her in. So the following week it was off to Target to get her a proper portable cot to sleep in.

I finished off the paving and also made a little pad for the rubbish bins to sit on so that they were not under the verandah all the time.

Gai hard at work
reading and resting.

Kiara kidnapped
by Stevie.

She wasn't quite
happy that day.

Michael has
a cuddle.

I think she's
going to cry.

At least someone
was smiling.

Gypsy decides to
see what's happening.

She's noticed the
suit cases are out.

The flower from
the Cordaline.

This the first time it
has flowered in 7 years.

My Cyclamen has
come back to life.

Kiara in her
new cot.

Pretty cool mobile
that plays music too.

She just couldn't
reach the mobile.

The paving is
finally finished.