2010 Home Page

The Gardens are a lovely place for some peaceful time. There are walks all around the lake with plenty of seating with lovely views. There are always weddings on here and you would not know that it is in the heart of the Coast. A great place to visit.

Gai is still printing
photos from our trip.

This bird was swimming
on the lake.

There are nice
walk ways and paths.

A pelican

There are some
nice shady areas.


Photo with my
new lense.

The birds eat
the grass.

A Koala
and wombat.

Paddle wheels help
stir up the water.

water falls.

Looking across
the lake.

Another view
across the lake.

There is little
fish in here too.


Gai's pendant we
bought in Hong Kong.

A kangaroo
and emu.

And a

These birds
are so cute.

Put that camera
away Clive.

How to walk
on lilly leaves.

The view from
where we sat.

Buildings in
Emerald Lakes.

This huge statue
overlooks the lake.

Stairs to the
top of the hill.

The view from
the look out.

The Surfers

The view
to the hills.

The trailer tyre
blew on the highway.

Parked on the
side of the M1.

You can see how
it bent the rear guard.