So with mum's tickets booked it was just a case of counting down the days until her visit. I had arranged for a wheel chair at both airports so she would not have to climb stairs. Virgin Blue staff were very helpful and looked after her. We were waiting in the arrivals area for her when she was wheeled out. So after a busy day she slept in till after 10.00AM the next day and on the Saturday I took mum to Ipswich so that she could see where Alister & Crystal live and meet Kiara Rose. So while mum had a play I mowed Alister's lawns and did the edges. He used the blower vac to clean the paths and drive ways so I know what to get him for his birthday now.

Smile for
Grand dad.

OK - don't
smile then.

Gai is waiting for
mum to come through.

Finally she arrives
being treated like royalty.

Cashew nuts I bought her and
she took most of them home.

Michael &
mum smiling.

Mum gets to hold
her great grand daughter.

Don't squeeze her ears
or she might cry.

Kiara says
"Is that my dad ?".


She loves to sleep on
her grand dads shoulder.


Now sleepie

Nan pushes Kiara's
face into the floor.

Stop pouting -
the wind might change.

Nan - you're meant for the
baby to sleep not you.

That's better.
She's asleep now.

Claw the cat likes to
sleep with the teddy.

Claw's asleep now. It
must be catching.


What's with the
funny face nan ?.

Nan gets lifted up
to the plane.

Well - she reached
the top.

She's was the first
passenger on board.

The plane is
pushed back.

Next stop is
Adelaide Airport.