2010 Home Page

Alister and Crystal paid us a visit and Clive had to have a cuddle with Kiara. Given the chance he would have probably gone to sleep too.

Off to our favourite store Bunnings - well mine anyway. Our next door neighbours hedge is getting out of control as they only get their side cut and now we have a patio we need a vac / blower. I also decided to put some weed mat down and mulch the top of the rocks. One trailer full of mulch later, it then had to be carried up by one play cube at a time to the top as there was no other way of getting the mulch up there. I should have been a mountain goat.

The air conditioning on Michael's car died and so he left his car at our place while it was fixed. Well Clive couldn't help himself as it was so dirty and in need of a wash and polish - so you guessed it. One beautiful car again.

A docking station
for the iPod.

Kiara and her
Norfolk Island seahorse.


She really was
quite comfortable.

Time to assemble
the Blower Vac.

The Hedge Trimmer
was the easy one.

Ok - all in
one piece now.

See how overgrown
the hedge is getting.

That's a

That's the
side done.

Now the
front is done.

Now to clean
the patio area.

Weed mat and mulch
for the top of the rocks.

Which half of the boot
still needs polishing ?.

One shiny
boot done.

Half the
roof done.

Gypsy's fur is
slowly growing back.