2010 Home Page

I took an early morning trip to Ipswich to catch up with Alister, Crystal & Kiara. When I got there Kiara was standing up at the front door looking out. We ended up going to the free zoo in the city centre and also to the Japanese Gardens that they have there. These are really beautiful and there are some lovely walking paths around the gardens.

Gai's bears from
our travels.

Gypsy claims
her bed spot.

Michael's back yard. Some
weeds were taller than me.


Now how do I
get out of here ?.

Grand Dad.

Why are you in the
back of the car with me ?.

Off to the
zoo we go.

You are here !
PS - yellow dot.

A fat

The wallabies were
down the back.

The black swans came
to investigate us.

This was a
cute animal.

Sleepie time for
the wombat.

I want to get

Crystal & Alister
follow the emu.



Entrance to the
Japanese Garden.

The lake just
inside the entrance.

View over
the lake.


View to
the left.

View to
the right.

And in
the corner.

The bridge over
the stream.

A Japanese
tea house.

The 15 year
Tea House plaque.

Bridges cross
the stream.

A gate through
to the garden.

Gentle slopes makes
easy walking.

Looking back to
the entrance.

This grass was
all 'fluffy'.

The offical

View over
the plaque.

Are you back in
the car again.

Can you see my
two front teeth ?.