2010 Home Page

Now it's time for our self drive part of the trip. Gai and I have such fun doing this as we can go where we want. Gai has planned all the rooms and towns that we will stop at and most are for a couple of nights, unlike 4 years ago when we had a different bed almost every night.

After that it's back to Marlow for a day or so and then onto Rome.

Finally to Hong Kong and then back home to Australia.

We had a wonderful six and half weeks aways and saw and did so much. A truely amazing experience.

Marlow to Shincliffe 1st June

Durham to Saint Andrews 2nd June

St Andrews to Inverness 3rd June

Drumnadrochit 4th June

Drumnadrochit to Glasgow 5th June

Eagelsham, Glasgow 6th June

Glasgow to Cheshire 7th June

Pheasant Inn Cheshire 8th June

Cheshire to Lower Solva 9th June

Lower Solva - Wales 10th June

Solva to Newport 11th June

Caerleon to Didcot then Marlow 12th June

Marlow, Buckinghamshire 13th June

Heathrow to Rome 14th June

Rome, Vatican Tour 15th June

Rome - Pompeii Tour 16th June

Rome - Hop On Hop Off 17th June

Rome to Hong Kong 18th June.

Hong Kong 19th June

Kowloon, Hong Kong 20th June

Kowloon, Hong Kong 21st June

Hong Kong to Brisbane 22nd June

Home 23rd June