2010 June Home Page

It's time to commence our road trip and we had a lot of fun doing this four years ago. This trip we are planning to do Scotland and Wales mostly, and for most of the hotels we spend two nights at each. With the longer day light hours we should get to see more of the country side.

So 4.5 hours driving today to Shincliffe in Durham. Weather is overcast with some drizzle. A nice little pub with a lovely winding staircase. Food was great but again too much food.

Well we are
off on the road trip.



Lots of
radio masts here.

Me thinks it's
going to rain.

Yep - it
started raining.


Lovely green
rolling hills.

A power station.
Don't know what type.

Time for a break
and shopping for Gai.


Gai and our
hire car.

Well I would not
mind one of these.

On the
raod again.

The front of
our Hotel.

The Seven Stars
is a lovely old pub.

Gai is checking
something out.

Just love that
creeping vine.

Our bed for
the night.

but spacious.

The view out
the window.

Flowers in bloom

An old church
built in 1874.

St Mary the Virgin


Notice the different
Scotches behind us.