2010 June Home Page

The weather is cool and very windy.

Clive's back is still bad so no driving today. We decided that it would be walking only so we had a gentle stroll down to Solva Quay. When we got there it was low tide as the photo's show - so no boats are going anywhere currently.

We did some tourist shopping and then back to the Inn for some Pizza for lunch. We ate nearly all of it but again it was such a large meal. Gai decided that I needed a rest so upstairs while I had a good sleep and Gai read her book. At 5PM we went back down to the Quay as high tide was at 5.30. It was now full of water and looked totally different.

We would liked to have done a water cruise but with Clive's back it wasn't worth the risk. Walking back we went past the Inn to see some of the houses there and then sat at the junction watching the traffic go past. Maybe we need to get a life. It's amazing how much traffic there was going through this little village. After tea we spent more time talking with the owner. She has had a very interesting life !.

In the 1800's Solva Quay had an amazing history of people leaving here for the 4 pound trip to the United States.

Welsh villages are
very colourful.

An Indian

Heading towards
Solva Quay.


The tide
is out.




Us at
the Quay.

The path to
the end.

Boat Club.

Read and
rest time.


View at the
main Y junction.

Us watching
traffic go by.

The Cambrian Inn
Built in the 16th Century.

Our room has
the open window.

This stream flows
to the sea.

Clive watching

Gai at
the Inn.


We were going
to have lunch here.

The roads are
not very wide.

The pub near
the Quay.





This dog enjoyed
the cold water.


A 3 wheeled

Life Boat

Anyone for
a boat trip ?.


Lots of people
walking about.


View of Upper
and Lower Solva.

The owner
loves her cats.

Lovely flowering
pot garden.

Gai caught
in the act.

The tide
has come in.

Certainly a lot
more water about.

Same picture as
in the morning.

Wonder what this
used to be for.

An old
water pump.

The sign
says it all.

Gai up
by the road.

The view down
the steps.

Looking the
other way.

Back up the
Public steps.

From the bridge
by the junction.




rain clouds.

Such a
colourful street.

Stitched view
of the harbour.